The holidays are sold out!

Days before the Eid Al-Adha, citizens who want to go to their hometowns and resorts, buses, high-speed trains and flight tickets preferred by the tickets almost sold out.

Days of the Eid Day, the remaining days of the holiday 4 10 day to the day of the holiday holiday to go to their home and holiday destinations to flock to the ticket sales. A large number of citizens prefer the buses before traveling, and the tickets have been sold out by a percentage of 100. Hasan Hüseyin Keleş, the authorized representative of the company, said that the citizens had finished their tickets before the holiday season and that they were trying to meet the demand with the additional flights. Keles said, meydan The holiday was normally 4 days, but when the 10 was brought up, there was a lot of intensity. With the start of the holiday before the holidays, the vehicles were almost full of 100. Before and after the 3-4 day before the festival can be said that the tickets, asında he said.

İN There are intense requests to bus flights “

Keles said that additional flights can be made according to demand and demand. “Citizens show great demand for bus services for both holiday and holiday visits. Because there are bus services all over the country. As high-speed trains and airplanes go to certain cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Eskisehir and Ankara, bus services are preferred more. At the same time high-speed train and airplane tickets can be sold out. Istanbul, Eskişehir and Ankara high-speed train services and Konya, Istanbul and Izmir, there are high demand for flights to Istanbul Ankara he said.


Hüseyin Keleş stated that there was no increase in bus prices before the Feast of Sacrifice., If the prices of tickets are compared with the prices in Ramadan, there are almost no changes. Ticket prices to Istanbul, train and bus prices 85 TL, Ankara bus 33 TL train price will be offered from 30 TL. Bus tickets go through the computer system is not likely to fall on the black market. Air ticket prices are not stable and as the number of passengers increases, airplane prices also increase. The tickets can be taken from sales points, both online and at the agency's moment, and the sales stand out in two ways at the rate of 50 Bilet.

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