Garci from Gokcek Station Taxi to the Taxis

While waiting for passengers in front of the YHT station 'forbidden place pause' last month due to a penalty in the last month 30 thousand taxis taxi taxi drivers "We want to stop" response came from President Melih Gokcek. Gokcek, ece We will solve the way they want. Don't worry, Mer he said.

Hurriyet Ankara, Gar Taxi Stop taxi drivers in front of the YHT station in front of the news about their grief.

Taxi drivers, Celal Bayar Boulevard waiting for passengers in the park during the last month they said they had exceeded 30 thousand TL.

Mayor Melih Gokcek who listened to the problems of taxi drivers, made a statement on the same day (Tuesday) on Twitter. Mayor Gokcek, with his share the tradesman, gave the good news that the problems will be solved. Gokcek, Gar Taxi Stop taxi will come together after the Feast of Sacrifices and the way they want to solve the problem, he said.


Mayor Gökçek used the following expressions in the tweet, which was taken by Hürriyet Ankara with the newspaper clippings containing news of the issue:
Ist We will gather the feast with the gar tradesmen and we will solve the issues in the way they want. Don't worry. Mer


The taxi drivers also shared with Gökçek many comments and thanked them. Stating that President Gökçek's statement made them very happy, Mehmet Savaş said, izi As a 200 staff, we are grateful to our President and to our President for supporting our victimization with a total of 2 thousand people. In


YTT station in front of the stop waiting in the 'forbidden place stop' penalties, 30 thousand TL in the last month, rebelled to the taxi taxi taxi drivers, aş Mayor, 'Studies in progress, 8 otoluk place' we said, but every day we are punished . The milk sucked from our mother came from our noses. There is nothing to the bus, bus, private vehicle; Taxi is raining a taxi mış he said.

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