"Funeral transfer service by plane on a painful day" from Izmir Metropolitan

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is with families on their most painful days with the 'free funeral transport service by air'. Metropolitan Municipality, which has transported 2584 corpses in Izmir and wanted to be buried in other cities in a short time by plane, is planning to transport 1350 more corpses by air by the end of the year.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality provides families with the most meaningful support in their painful days with the 'free transportation by air' service, which started in 2015 in order to carry out the funeral procedures of the citizens quickly in their most difficult days. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has delivered a total of 2 thousand 584 corpses to their families in other cities with the application, which has economic benefits in terms of both cost and time compared to the highway, moved 2017 corpses outside the city in the first 8 months of 653. Until the end of this year, it will provide the transport of 350 more corpses who died in Izmir and wanted to be buried in other cities.

Free transfer to 41 city
Airline funeral transport services of Izmir Adnan Menderes from Air Port, with air ports in Turkey reminiscent be free of charge to the city 41 Metropolitan Municipality Cemeteries Department officials, "Our aim with free funeral transport by air, citizens provide every convenience within the facilities in the painful days At the same time, considering the climatic conditions, the funerals are delivered to their homeland and their families as soon as possible. We aim to continue this service by spreading. Bu

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