Finally, the pedestrian overpass is being constructed in front of Ankara YHT Station

Hurriyet Ankara, 'High-speed pedestrian run' last year, 'Are you smiling or if you are in the network' news after the YHT Garı pedestrian overpass was taken in the agenda. Ankara Train Station Management (ATG) recently started construction of the pedestrian overpass in front of YHT Station. It was learned that the overpass will be completed and opened for use shortly.


After the YHT Station was put into service last year, the pedestrian overpass problem occurred. Citizens departing or trying to reach the YHT train, because there was no overpass in the region to cross the street from Celal Bayar had to jump between the fast moving vehicles. The opening of the Tandogan Soldiers Bazaar Underpass was not a cure for the pedestrian crossing problem. Due to the distance between the citizens of the lower passage of the vehicles, continued to cross the vehicle. New Jersey barriers placed on Celal Bayar Boulevard could not prevent citizens trying to cross the street, there were some fatal traffic injuries in front of the YHT Station.

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