ITO President Demirtaş: "Gulf Transition Project should be implemented quickly"

Izmir Chamber of Commerce Chairman Ekrem Demirtas, the Gulf Transition Project should be implemented quickly, he said.

Stating that Izmir has been undergoing a rapid process of construction in recent years, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of İTO Ekrem Demirtaş said, girdi Building and population densities are increasing and they are moving. Accordingly, the number of vehicles is increasing. Today, the number of vehicles in traffic in Izmir 1 million reached around 300 thousand. These increases show itself as traffic density and congestion, especially in business hours. Bu Izmir city center, due to the geographic structure of the narrow settlement band around the Gulf developed Demirtas, strolling around the Gulf coastal roads that meet the needs of the Izmir ring road is closed during business hours, he said. Demirtaş said, ere The main issue is to reduce the number of vehicles that are coming to Izmir city center and to use it for transit. For this purpose, our Chamber has prepared the İzmir Bay Crossing Project to be a part of Tube Passage and a Section Suspension Bridge between İnciraltı and Çiğli during İzmir's EXPO 2015 nomination period. Within the scope of the project, a tube tunnel, tube tunnel excavation, and an artificial island with the DNA tower and EXPO symbol DNA tower will be extended to Çiğli to allow ship passage between Yenikale-Alsancak Port within the scope of the Gulf Crossing Project between İnciraltı and Çiğli. a suspension bridge was proposed.


Izmir Bay Crossing Project, which was prepared by our Chamber, was included in the yıl 2012 Izmir 35 Project cilik, which was announced as election promise by the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım during the 35 election period. It has been named İzmir Körfez Geçişi (İZKARAY) and has since become a state project. Izmir Bay Crossing Project, between the north and south side of the metropolitan city, without entering the city center, such as the 6 minutes will provide access in a very short time, 31 mileage road to the 19 mileage, 55 mile length of the 43 mile road will be shortened. The Prime Minister of Turkey announced recently in the 3 billion 520 million TL projected for the Gulf Transition Project 2017 2023 in the year of the tender with the build-operate-transfer model is expected to be completed by XNUMX bak said. Prior to the realization of the project, the port approach channel, gulf circulation and port approach should be integrated with the artificial island to be created during the opening of the channel, Demirtaş said. . It will create a space where the people of Izmir can spend their time in the middle of the sea.,


Demirtaş emphasized that the current situation of the traffic in İzmir in the new city center and the real estate projects in the other parts of the city will be sought after the completion of the real estate projects, yeni The Transportation Master Plan that is being carried out by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is very important in this respect. Our room 2 shared the Kes İzmir Coastal and Urban Center Tunnels Idea Project yıl years ago. The purpose of the transit roads passing through the city under the tunnels with the underground, Bur he said. Thus, both urban traffic will relax and a significant portion of roads and squares will return to more modern and humanitarian use areas such as pedestrian, bicycle and tram, said Demirtaş.

. In our project, traffic is taken from the main axes between Üçkuyular Carriage Ferry Port, Mustafa Kemal Coast Highway, Konak, Mürselpaşa and Şehitler Streets. Removing the harbor viaducts. Mustafa Kemal beach is pedestrianized, Alsancak Gar square and Vahap Özaltay square are pedestrianized. With these projects, with the completion of the Gulf transition, all transit passages will be underground. But these projects are not enough. The Izmir ring road is currently being blocked. 3 for this. We need to design the ring road already, besides all these road projects, it should be ensured that the metro and rail network is widely used and the sea transportation is used more effectively.

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