Intelligent solutions to locomotives

Unexpected stops and improvements in industries increase the efficiency of operations. There is a transportation sector at the beginning. Especially the sensors used in the aviation industry ensure that aircraft are lifted and maintained on time. Companies also provide significant efficiency. However, the digital transformation in the transport sector is not limited to aircraft. In recent years, the railway sector has also begun to develop itself through digital transformation.

According to the calculations, the annual revenue loss in railway transportation is expressed as 150 thousand dollars per locomotive. Considering all the locomotives used for transportation in the world, the size of the figure becomes very important. The solution of inefficient operations in the sector is completely digitalized.

European countries, in which railways are frequently used, have rapidly begun to digitally transform. Thanks to the mobile internet infrastructure and sensors installed on the locomotives and rails, the operational quality of the companies is increasing with the increased efficiency. One of the best examples of this is Deutsche Bahn Cargo, a railway transportation company between Germany, the UK, France and Poland.

250 locomotive operations, the company carries out many different product groups, from coal to automobiles. Deutsche Bahn Cargo made an important decision last year and started to use it actively in industrial internet and sensors operations. Using the Asset Performance Management (APM) software developed by GE for railways, the company follows all the criteria that can adversely affect the engine temperature, braking performance and operations of the locomotives.

Managing Director of GE's operations, Huschke Diekmann said that they use the cloud based Predix platform in their solution and they analyze the data collected by the terabytes. In particular, Diekmann underlined the fact that companies have enabled companies to take action and expedite their operations before possible failures.

Mathias Thomas, Vice President of Deutsche Bahn Cargo said, lok With this project, we have significantly reduced the locomotives' errors. Thus, we increased the general availability of our fleet. Böylece

Though not as digital transformation began to accelerate in the European rail transport area in Turkey. One of the first examples of this was carried out last year. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), High-speed Train for managing the fast train (YHT) Traffic Management System formed. The project, which was completed with an investment of 126 million pounds, is being monitored instantly by the tracing system of the trains in Ankara. The system will be used in the first place over the high speed trains in the 15 province. Routing, information storage, as well as navigation simulations will be done in this center.

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