Çelebi Port of Bandırma became the preferred point of export

Çelebi Port of Bandırma continues to work on multimodal port transportation.

Çelebi Bandırma Port is a good example of the combined use of rail and sea routes.

Çelebi Bandırma Port, which can offer its customers the option to evacuate from the ship directly to the wagon by means of the railway connection reaching to the wharfs, has made a major contribution to the reduction of the logistics costs and has become the choice point for both imports and exports.

Preferred by transportation system

With the year 2016 accelerated the transportations integrated with the railway, the port increased its customer portfolio in 2017 due to its successful operations.

While 1 years were only used to load parts in the port where wagons were stocked around the harbor and used to be seen, all grain and solid cargo groups, including barley, wheat, corn derivatives, are transported to the open top containers placed on the wagon by the direct dock cranes. Çelebi Bandırma Port is one of the most equipped ports in the country.

Bandırma Port, which is currently carrying out cargo handling operations with wagons and which can provide economic and uninterrupted connection to industrial zones such as Balıkesir, Kütahya, Manisa and Eskişehir in its national rail network and hinterland, is continuing its efforts for similar operations to continue in the near future.

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    1. Here, connect Trabzon port to DY in Aşkale via Gümüşhane and Bayburt (make DY). I meant this when I said connect Kars to Nakhchivan via Kağızman and Iğdır. This is what I mean when I say make conventional FDI from Burdur to Antalya port. I insist that YHT to Antalya is made from Manavgat Seydişehir Konya route. (I am in favor of the project's name being Antalya-Konya-Kayseri-Sivas). I am in favor of the Black Sea YHT from Samsun from the coastal line.