BTSO Introduces Business Representative Near 1000 to the World

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), the first 2017 8 1000 members in the year 30 close to the international program with the XNUMX. BTSO Chairman of the Board Ibrahim Burkay, abroad organizations and Bursalı companies have the opportunity to get to know their competitors closely, he said.

In order to increase the foreign trade of Bursa business world, BTSO has been organizing international trade fair organizations and bilateral business meetings and is continuing its organizations in 2017. In the first 8 month of the year, the International Competitiveness Development Project (Ur-Ge) supported by the BTSO Global Fair Agency and the Ministry of Economy met its members with fair and bilateral job interview platforms organized around the world. Nearly 1000 business representatives from different sectors such as textile, automotive, machinery, chemistry, aerospace and defense, had the opportunity to establish business contacts in these organizations.


Bursa business world, within the scope of these organizations, not only European countries, but also has the opportunity to open up alternative markets. In the first 8 month of the year, the companies from Bursa managed to bring together foreign business representatives from the United Arab Emirates, France to Germany, Russia, USA, Morocco, UK to Japan.


Strategic sectors in the foreign programs held under the leadership of BTSO were also on the radar of the companies in Bursa. Fair and bilateral business meeting programs, composite, machinery, automotive and rail systems, such as high-value and high-tech sectors took place. Within the scope of the Global Fair Agency and Ur-Ge foreign business programs supported by our chamber, participation in the fairs organized in the fields of home textile, construction, furniture, fabric, food, energy, shoes, air conditioning and architecture-decoration were provided. BTSO Members also examined New York and Moscow Turkish Trade Centers prepared with the support of BTSO in cooperation with TIM under the leadership of the Ministry of Economy.


BTSO Chairman of the Board Ibrahim Burkay, on a global scale, the memorization of the changes are now changing, the balances are changing rapidly, said that the companies will continue to support the efforts to contribute to the growth journey, he said. Mayor Burkay, "International fairs organizations, our companies, the industry's global competitors and new technologies are a great contribution to get to know," he said.


İbrahim Burkay said, “Our overseas programs, organized with the support of KOSGEB and the Ministry of Economy, contribute greatly to the foreign trade volume of our companies. With the projects we have implemented to improve the competitiveness of our Bursa business world, 4 new exporters to our city in the last 800 years. kazanwe nagged. We would like to thank all our companies that have participated in our Ur-Ge programs abroad, which increase the competitiveness of our members, as well as the Global Fair Agency, where more than 4 thousand business representatives have participated so far, and we look forward to our new exhibition programs that we will organize in 2017.” is KOSGEB supported 3.000 for the countries close to the companies and 5.000 TL for the remote countries.

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