Austrian Trade Delegation Visited Kardemir

The Austrian Trade Attaché, the representative of the Austrian Ministry of the Interior and the employees of the Austrian Undersecretariat of Commerce visited Kardemir and made observations.

The Austrian Commercial Attaché Dr. Mansur YEKE, Head of Investments at Kardemir and Mr. Mehmet BİÇER, Occupational Health and Safety Manager. Christian MAIER, Austrian Interior Ministry Representative Gerhard SCHWARZINGER, Austrian Trade Undersecretariat; Manuela Kaltenegger GÖRGÜ, Hasan Şahin CAM, Aygün GÜNEY, Uğur BAĞ, Matthaeus GREBER, Ayaz MAIER (Christian MAIER's 10 year old son).

Kardemir's organization meeting of the General Directorate in the lounge of the film which tells the history of the monitoring program, starting with today visited Mansur Investment Coordinator yoke of Turkey and continued with a presentation on World Steel Industry. The delegation was also informed about the investments and products made since the foundation of Kardemir.

In the technical tour, Coke Plants, Blast Furnaces, Continuous Casting Facilities, and Ray Profil Rolling Mill conducted inspections of the delegation and then left Kardemir.

Günceleme: 17/12/2018 19:18

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