Anadolu Isuzu Introduced the Public Transport Vehicle of the Future

Anadolu Isuzu R & D center so that the face to be developed by Turkish designers and engineers "electric public transport projects and smart mobility systems", Forestry and Water Affairs Minister Veysel with a meeting that Eroglu attended was introduced to Turkey's mayors from around the globe.

Anadolu Isuzu General Manager Tugrul Arikan, Turkey Midibuses 12 years as an export company has been Champion, he stressed that they can manufacture the most advanced technologies. ; The ideal transportation system today; low operating, investment and maintenance costs, long life, high capacity, safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly, quiet and most importantly defined as intelligent. At this point, Anadolu Isuzu decided to offer the municipalities a new solution with all these features. We believe that our electric public transportation vehicles with a smart mobility system will be a cure for the transportation problem of cities. Akıllı

Anadolu Isuzu has introduced the R & D center in one hundred percent started to work on was developed by Turkish designers and engineers new electric public transport and will be used in this vehicle smart technology in Turkey from around the mayor. Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Veysel Eroğlu, Erzurum Deputy Public Works, Reconstruction, Transportation and Tourism Commission attended the introductory meeting of the new electric public transportation vehicle. sözcüProf. Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı, Anadolu Isuzu General Manager Tuğrul Arıkan, company executives and employees.

Tuğrul Arıkan: We have the capacity to produce with the most advanced technologies

Anadolu Isuzu General Manager Tugrul Arikan in his speech at the meeting, stressing that Turkey's power production contributed to 33 years, Anadolu Isuzu drew attention to the position in the industry, "the Anadolu Isuzu quality; As one of the manufacturing centers in the world of midibuses, buses, trucks, vans and pick-ups, we are exporting to 23 for years. Today, we are proud of our contribution to the country's economy from the sale of the vehicles produced in the Anatolian Isuzu factories, developed by Turkish designers and engineers, in dozens of European countries, from France to Italy, from Spain to Lithuania, and in other continents including Africa. 12 is our country's Midibus Export Champion for years. We continue our work with our R & D center with 6220 m2 closed area, which we have implemented with an important investment. Today, we have the capacity to produce with the most advanced technologies without the need for imported solutions. Bugün

Electric public transport: low cost, safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly, quiet and smart…

, We are ready for production as the Anadolu Isuzu for the future of transportation, Endüstri said Arıkan. Ar Now, we are in the era of 4.0, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, which is called the new industrial revolution. We live in a more free world that goes beyond conventional solutions. This modern life, in which urbanization rises rapidly, complicates transportation. Today, we see that the rail systems are much more comfortable and everyone's imagination. However, every city has no opportunity to realize these dreams due to high investment costs. The ideal transportation system today; low operating, investment and maintenance costs, long life, high capacity, safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly, quiet and most importantly defined as intelligent. At this point, Anadolu Isuzu started to work to offer a new solution to all the municipalities in order to relieve the transportation of their cities. We are starting to develop our electric public transport vehicle with 24 meter length, double bellows and 300 passenger carrying capacity. We believe that our electric public transport vehicles with a smart mobility system will be a solution to the transportation problem of cities with low investment and operating costs. We will continue to work unabated for Turkey. "

Features of the public transport vehicle with an electric and intelligent mobility system

· For cities without dense population, instead of rail system; It is designed to be low cost, environmentally friendly and capable of carrying high passenger capacity.
· It is expected to use 100 percent electric and intelligent mobility systems.
· It can move without being connected to a cable.
· Fair investment will reduce the cost of operation and maintenance, as well as the cost per person.
· No need for a new investment outside the vehicle and charging station.
· Unlike rail systems, maintenance can be done where desired.
· Thanks to its smart technologies, it can be solved without failing. Thus, it will be possible to extend the life of the vehicle.
· It will provide high comfort to passengers with its silent and vibration free movement
· Zero emissions, solar collectors and equipment that will save money will support the environmental activities of the municipalities.
· The solar panels on the roof of the vehicle will provide additional electricity and increase efficiency in the operation of systems other than the main system. In this way, the vehicle will also benefit from renewable energy sources. The vehicle that obtains its own air conditioner power with solar energy can also be charged at very low cost with the charging stations developed by Anadolu Isuzu engineers.
· Smart technologies; the vehicle will arrive at the stop after how many minutes. The bus in front will inform the rear bus when there is an accident or a congestion on the road.
· Many issues, including how much of a vehicle's occupancy rate, when to stop, and optimization of heating-cooling systems, will be real thanks to smart technologies.
· This public transport vehicle, with double bellows in the middle, will be able to provide details such as Wi-Fi, USB chargers that passengers can use. This and similar technologies can be added to the electric public transport vehicle according to the needs and demands of the municipalities.
· Electric public transport will also have all high-tech security features. For passenger safety, pedestrian recognition, cycling drivers detection, automatic braking when an obstacle comes out, systems that stimulate the driver, vehicle tracking applications such as municipalities will be offered according to their needs.
· With the screens on the outside of the vehicle, information about that city will be given and advertisements will be taken.

What is the value of electric public transport to cities?

· Thanks to the acak Intelligent Mobility. System built on efficiency, the high-tech vehicle will facilitate public transport and increase comfort.
· Global warming is now a major threat and countries are taking serious measures. Electric public transport is preferred not only for the economy but also for a sustainable world. The electric bus won't harm the environment. Make the city and people breathe
· Bus and minibus pollution in cities will decrease. A quieter, cleaner and more modern transport system will relax the cities.
· Fossil fuels will run out in the future but electricity will always exist. Therefore, it will have the advantage of applying the technology of the future. Municipalities that use electric vehicles, as well as prestige in terms of all other municipalities will pass in front.

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