Alanya Ropeway fare debate continues to grow

Alanya Cable Car price dispute is growing! The discussion about the price of Alanya cable car, which has been delivered to the Ehmedek region in Alanya Castle at an altitude of approximately 300 from Damlataş Beach

900 meter line length for the Alanya cable car is determined to be worth the 20 TL wages, while alternative vehicles may be used at lower rates said.

A significant portion of the commentators think that the determined fee is high.

Alanya Municipality Solution Desk Facebook group with the subject coming up on the agenda as follows: Cable car prices are determined by the Municipal Assembly as indexed to city bus prices. Thank you, wish you a good day.

Şuayp Yeni: This price is empty, but it goes blank.

Hatice Sert: You mean that you will not be deprived of all kinds of money without pity you.

Hilmi Kömeç: Just look at the logic that has no life.

Hatice Sert: As long as there are those who think so, this society can never be equal if you can't find bread

Serpil Bayankuş: Yes it is very expensive for single person but for a family of five people it should not have been for this person for the cable car, not for the price.

Yasin Yılmaz: 20 TL is unnecessary for normal service.

Hilmi Kömeç: This is the only municipality in Alanya.

Hatice Sert: The same cable car service is provided in many cities. None of this is so expensive

Mehtap Merve Uslu: The cable car in the army 8 lira Alana 2 has a solid distance herkes Everybody in Alanya is looking for a place to travel X On the day the tourism ends, this mindset pays the public for the sucker treatment it makes in time UM

Aydin Yilmaz: Do not for God's sake. We call it both Alanya The most beautiful city in the world We call it expensive Hem

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