Akçaray is no longer available

📩 17/12/2018 19:11

The tram service between Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Otogar-Sekapark, which is operated free of charge by 12 from June onwards, is also paid as of today.

1.50 TL by tram, students will be able to travel in exchange for 1 TL. At the tram stops, it was expected that the turnstiles that read Kent Kart were completed until the evening hours.

New tariffs for the tram that started to carry passengers on this morning were also announced. As of today, one tram will be moving in 10 every minute from Sekapark and Otogar stops. The first tram will depart from Sekapark at 07.00. The last tram will be removed from the Sekapark stop at the 23.30. There is no tram from the 24.00 to the morning. After the opening of the schools, tram routes will be further tightened.

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