'Lightning Metro' started in Bursa

Equipped with rail system lines and breathable alternative solutions to the transportation Bursa Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, Yildirim metro line studies began on the site examined. Drilling tunnels will add value to the Yıldırım District 6.5 km subway drilling work began.

Altepe said that they continue their activities with the aim of Bursa to be an accessible city of quality. Ini All transportation problems, road, bridge and intersection constructions as well as urban transportation are important. The most important solution for the urban transportation of the metropolitan cities is the rail systems lar With the production of the rail system, our BursaRay construction which passes through Bursa and the production of Istanbul Caddesi, which is currently in progress, reaches the total 60 mileage system in Bursa. After that, the rail system productions will be completely under the ground, imalat he said.

All additional rail system lines will go underground
President Altepe who noted that there were manufacturing difficulties due to the difficulties of working in all the regions previously considered above and the difficulties of existing roads and parking distress. Daha Now all our additional lines will be underground lines going underground. Our subway cars will go under the 25 - 30 meter of the ground. In the first place, we started our Lightning metro line, about 6 thousand 200 meters and this line has 6 station. We have started the project work on this line rapidly Tüm.

Mayor Altepe stated that the details of the projects were prepared on the one hand, and ground surveys were carried out on the other, and said, “A ground survey is carried out at exactly 6,5 points along the approximately 34 km route. Here, our route starts from Demirtaşpaşa - Gökdere, from Demirtaşpaşa station, from Haşim İşçan Caddesi and then reaches Davutkadı - Tayyareci Mehmet Ali Caddesi - Residence - Şevket Yılmaz Hospital and Mimar Sinan Station. ”

44 m depth soil survey study
Stating that the current drilling has reached a depth of 44 m, Mayor Altepe said, “Soil research is being conducted at a depth of 44 m and the details of the project will be revealed according to this ground survey. The methods and system of opening the underground tunnel will be established accordingly so that there will be no problems. These drillings are carried out along the entire route from Demirtaşpaşa to Mimar Sinan Station at intervals of 250 meters. Normally, drilling is carried out at 250 different points at intervals of 75 meters and at intervals of 34 meters at the station. However, all the details of the production of the project, the manufacturing and the tunnel system will now be fully revealed. By completing the project, I hope it will be tendered as soon as possible and with the support of our state and government, a beautiful metro line will be built for Yıldırım. kazanwe will have risen. It is one of the most important projects that will continue with other regions and will make the biggest contribution to Bursa's urban transportation…”

President Altepe, about 1,2 billion TL (1,2 quadrillion) project as soon as possible to realize the tender said.

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