The Most Difficult Stage in the Konak Tram was Overcome

host tram map
host tram map

The Most Difficult Stage in Konak Tram Overcome: One of the most challenging bends in the Konak line of the tram project carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of environmentally friendly, economical and comfortable urban transportation has been overcome. Line constructions between Altınordu Square and Vahap Özaltay Square, which covers the area where Alsancak Station is located, were completed 4 days before the planned time, day and night. After the rails were laid, the asphalting work was quickly completed and the traffic flow was restored to normal.

One of the challenging stages of Konak Tramway, which is being constructed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, is behind. The stage, which started in front of Alsancak Station on July 31, within the scope of line manufacturing, and includes the area between Sait Altınordu Square and Vahap Özaltay Square, was completed in 2 weeks. The teams completed the line production with a work tempo that mostly spread over 24 hours, and they completed the asphalting work and ensured that the traffic flow in the region returned to normal. While the work in this section is planned to be completed on August 18, when the Izmir International Fair will start, the Metropolitan Municipality teams finished the road 4 days before the time stipulated in the business calendar with an extraordinary effort. The Montreux-Çankaya line, one of the sections of the tram located on the Konak-Alsancak axis, will be completed for the Feast of Sacrifice and the Konak-Gazi Boulevard line for the opening of the schools.



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