The danger of level crossing at Torbalı is endless

“Accidents are inevitable due to the lack of fanfare at some railway level crossings in Torbalı. Accidents experienced with momentary absenteeism cause severe injuries. In Yedi Eylül Neighborhood, the risk of accident at the level crossing is high due to the breaking and damage of the tantan stimulus.

In Torbalı, besides the ordinary highways, the railways also come to the fore with accidents. Due to the lack of publicity at some railway level crossings in the district, a momentary distraction of the drivers creates bad results. The residents of the district asked the authorities to install the fanfare system on the level crossings that could cause a major disaster. Citizens say that drivers sometimes do not see the incoming train and many times kazanHe drew attention to the fact that the threshold was turned.


Due to its malfunction and damage, the fanfare system at the level crossing in Yedi Eylül Mahallesi, which is partially in the city center, was damaged. kazanturned from the threshold. Drivers dodge kazanAfter the death, the residents of Yedi Eylül Mahallesi asked the authorities to put a warning system. Neighborhood residents said, “The fanfare here was broken by some people. Then the error occurred. Therefore, the fanfare does not work and the people who come here by car pass quickly to the other side of the railway without hesitation. We ask the authorities to establish a system of fanfare at this level.”

There is death hazard in nursing home

There are frequent accidents at the crossing in Arslanlar Neighborhood. Although the drivers notice the train at the last moment, accidents at the level are inevitable. There is a serious danger of death in the district where many people are saved from the accident. Arslanlar'da citizens, em No tantan system was not fitted to this level. We have expressed this issue many times. There are accidents. In the recent history, thank God there was no death. We want the establishment of a tantan system without death and injury to this level crossing. Biz

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