'Tax Increase for the Rich' Offer for New York Metro Renovation

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed to increase the tax rate paid by the “wealthy” in the state for the renewal of the old and neglected New York subway.

At a press conference, De Blasio proposed to increase the income tax rate paid by those with an annual income of more than $ 500 in the state from 3,9 percent to 4,4 percent, in order to renew New York's aging subway system.

Stating that the bill would pay a little more tax to workers' families and those who use daily metro and feel the pressure of rising public transportation prices, de Blasio said that this increase would affect 1 percent (about 32 thousand people) of taxpayers. and said he would bring $ 800 million a year.

The New York subway network, one of the world's largest and oldest metro networks, has problems in daily transportation due to lack of infrastructure, pollution and maintenance.

The technology of 390 years ago is still used in the New York subway, which has a 80 km long rail system. In the New York subway, whose signaling system was designed as analog in the 1930s and could not be switched to the computer system, delays and malfunctions affect the daily life negatively.

According to the Metropolitan Transport Administration (MTA), which has the authority to operate the New York subway, the New York subway, which carries an average of 6 million people daily on weekdays and 6,5 million people on weekends, delays an average of 70 thousand times a month.

Günceleme: 17/12/2018 19:18

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