Kardemir was awarded the "Global Quality, Excellence and Ideal Performance Award" at the International Quality Summit

Kardemir received the "Global Quality, Excellence and Ideal Performance Award" in the fields of Quality and Excellence by the France-based Otherways Management Association Club-Paris (OMAC).

OMAC is an organization that aims to establish and consolidate relations between countries on the issues of management and communication at international level, and also aims to coordinate the relations between the members in the fields of quality management, leadership, innovation, marketing management, technology and human resources management.

The award ceremony, which is held in different categories every year until the 15th time this year, with the participation of 33 different organizations from 40 countries, took place on July 24, 2017 in Rome, Italy.

Following the short introduction film of Kardemir at the award ceremony, an informative presentation on production capacity, investments and products was made by Burak YOLBULAN, the Board Member of the company.

This award, which Kardemir deserved to get the result of its success and dedication in the sector in terms of ideal performance, quality and perfectionism, was presented to Burak YOLBULAN and Quality Metallurgy and Laboratory Manager Figen DİKİLİTAŞ at the award ceremony.

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