Elevator at Metrobus Stop Spreads Danger

A child's hand was stuck in the elevator door in Cihangir Üniversite Mahallesi Metrobus Station. Tradesmen who saved the child said that such accidents were frequent

Frightful moments were experienced when a child's hand was squeezed into the doorway in the elevator in Cihangir Üniversite Mahallesi Metrobus Station. Thereupon, the shopkeepers around tried to open the door. While the child's hand was removed with difficulty, the child was taken to the hospital by an ambulance that came to the scene.

Frequently experienced
Speaking about the incident, the local shopkeeper said, “These cases are common here. Especially when children are opening the door, their hand and arm are stuck between the door. Although they say that there is no sensor problem in the elevator, since the hand is stuck there, the sensor of the elevator is not enough. We have witnessed many incidents where children shake hands and shout with panic. On this incident, we called the service of the elevator. But no clear solution was found, ”he said.

Caring for maintenance
Speaking on the subject, the security guard said, “I have been working here for a long time. I witnessed this incident twice. Monthly and weekly maintenance of the elevator is done. Our citizens do not pay attention to the use of elevators and do not warn their children. I also have children, they are traveling on the roads. I am doing my duty with this awareness. I see every citizen as one of our family ”.

Source : I www.gazetemistanbul.co

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