Arslan: "We Bring Shipping All Over the Country"

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan said, "Our satisfaction, our pride is that we bring to all parts of the country, inland waters, maritime, sea love, love of the sea." said.

Arslan, who participated in the boat delivery ceremony, pier opening and sailing and canoe races held on the lake for the first time in Çıldır Lake on the Kars-Ardahan border due to the Maritime and Cabotage Festival, stated that as the government, they made significant investments in inland waters.

Stating that Kars and Ardahan have many values, one of them is Çıldır Lake.

“Today we are trying to serve not only Kars and Ardahan, but also every part of the country. We have come a long way in order to improve our country's maritime business. We have come a long way with legal regulations, infrastructure investments and practices we have made in terms of competitiveness in the national arena. In the country, which has three sides of the sea, we are making very good and successful practices in inland waters so that young people can get out not only from coastal cities but also from other cities. This is exactly what we did in Çıldır, Kars and Ardahan. Our satisfaction, our pride is that we bring to all parts of the country, inland waters, seamanship, love of the sea, love of the sea. In fact, you have to build a ship first, so you need to have your shipyard increased and your shipyard enlarged. We would crash 37 shipyards to 79 shipyards. "

Arslan thanked President Recep Tayip Erdogan for adding day and night to the country and explained that they came to the third country commune in the world with their investments in maritime.

International 170 port 450 annually reported that they handled a million tons of handling, Arslan emphasized that the maritime sector revenue increased at least three times.

  • "Our duty is to work to make this country prosperous"

For a thousand years in the geography of the nation and live together with a transfer Arslan said that he believes that this union will continue at all times.

Minister Arslan, said:

“In the thousands of years, Ebul Hasan Harakani was martyred at the end of a serious struggle for 33 years, while he was coming with his longing and spreading Islam in this geography and paving the way for the coming of the Turks. Our first martyr, Ebul Hasan Harakani, we have killed millions of martyrs in this geography for a thousand years. Again, according to historians, 1,5 million martyrs were given in Kars, Ardahan and Iğdır in this region alone. 90 thousand Sarıkamış martyrs went to be martyrs without blinking their eyes. At all costs, freezing. Today, our security forces are martyred in the name of protecting the country. The reason is to move these lands, which the ancestors left us as our homeland, to a much better point. Our duty is to work to make this country prosperous. "

Arslan added that with these investments, Ardahan and Kars will soon be the provinces that receive immigration, not emigration.

After the speeches, Folklore Team of Kars Public Education Center performed. By delivering two boats, Arslan opened the pier on the lake and gave awards to the winners of the canoe and sailing races organized as part of the festivities.

Arslan, took delivery of the boat on the lake took the tour.

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