TULOMSAS 30 will make contracted personnel recruitment

TÜLOMSAŞ Will Recruit 30 Contracted Staff: It was learned that 30 contracted staff will be recruited to be employed in the National Train Project in the announcement published from the official site of TÜLOMSAŞ General Directorate.

Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. General Directorate will recruit contracted personnel. According to the announcement published by the State Personnel Presidency, 399 public personnel will be recruited under contract status subject to Decree No. 30. In this context, 20 mechanical engineers and 10 electrical and electronic engineers will be employed. Application conditions and details are in our news.

For the recruitment of TÜLOMSAŞ 20 mechanical engineers, candidates are required to become mechanical engineering of higher education institutions and to be graduated from the electrical and electronic engineering departments of universities. In addition, it is necessary to meet the conditions specified in Article 10 of the Decree No. 399.

The KPSS and YDS requirement is among the conditions sought in candidates. Accordingly, the candidates must have at least 2016 points in 3 KPSS P70 score type. Candidates will also be required to score at least C level from YDS in the last 5 years.

After the applications, the candidates will be ranked according to their score in the 2016 KPSS P3 score type. Up to the 20 floor of the number of positions to be assigned, the candidate will be called for the written exam. 100 70 score will be evaluated over the full score and the candidates who score on the XNUMX score will be subject to an oral exam.

Candidates who will apply for TÜLOMSAŞ recruitment should apply between July 10, 2017 and July 23, 2017. Applications are made electronically until 23:59 at the deadline. http://basvuru.tulomsas.com.tr It will be done by entering the TR Identity Number in the Exam Application System at. Personal applications and applications made by post or cargo will not be taken into consideration. CLICK for TÜLOMSAŞ recruitment announcement.

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