There is a train, no public transport to the train

There is a train, there is no public transport to the train: The Ministry of Transport has made the Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station to Pendik. There is no public transportation in the first and the last morning in the Istanbul stage of the trains run by the 5 times.

The last bus carrying the passengers to the first train of the day, departing from Istanbul High-Speed ​​Train Station in Pendik, was removed from the bus. Thus, the high-speed train service from Pendik to Ankara at 06.35 did not leave public transport vehicles carrying passengers.

20 minute adjustment to the train
5 high-speed trains depart from Pendik Station to Ankara daily. IETT to carry passengers to the first 06.15 hour train moving, Kadıköy-Pendik line started bus number 16. Moving in front of Haldun Taner Theater at Rıhtım at 05.15 Kadıköy The hours of bus number 16, which follows the route of Altıyol, Kızıltoprak, Bostancı, Küçükyalı Altıntepe, Maltepe, Kartal Meydan, Pendik (YHT Station), were integrated into the train time. Since there is no other public transportation vehicle going to the train station in Istanbul, the number of passengers was limited in the first train. TCDD, on the other hand, found the remedy shifting the first flight of the day starting at 06.15 to 06.35.

This time, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality IETT General Directorate removed the first bus service of the day from the program, citing the reason that bus number 16 did not reach the sufficient number of passengers. No. 16 (Pendik-KadıköyThe first flight of the bus was 06.40 after this arrangement.

There is also a similar problem in return
Passengers traveling from Ankara to Istanbul with the last train arrive at Pendik Train Station at 23.25. With the train up to Pendik, the bus number 251, which is the easiest way to get to the European side especially from the Asian side, ends at the 21.10 and similar incidents are occurring on the return journey.

The demand of the citizens who use the train regularly is to complete the Pendik line from the center of the city to the center of the city. In this process, TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. and IETT's joint work on public transport to increase the use of high-speed trains.

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