Topbaş gave the figure! Investments of Istanbul Exactly 35 Billion Dollars

The Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, invited the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş to participate in the opening of the Moscow Urban Forum. K Urbanity is in fact a sociological evolution. If you can live the city life in a city not only in the city center but in all the city dwellers, the city is a civilized city. Bir

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş as well as Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dimitry Kozak, Russian Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin, Russia Reconstruction and Housing Panel at VDNH - Russia Exhibition Center "Age of Concretions: New World Map" Moscow Urban Forum and the Deputy Minister of Collective Services Andrei Chibis, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, Düsseldorf Mayor Thomas Geisel, Tianjin People's Municipality Council Chairman Xiao Huaiyuan, Project Maganom Founder Yuri Grigoryan.

Speaking at the panel where the members of the international press showed great interest, Topbaş said that in today's world, the fate of all people is interdependent.

Kendi We live a common destiny, sorun said Mayor Topbas. “No country can walk to the future by solving its own problem. That's why we have to walk together. We have to put forward the understanding of knowledge and experience sharing. Bilgi

Needs Triggered Technology

Stating that Istanbul's 60 million immigrants took over the last 14 years and that untimely urbanization caused serious probes, President Topbaş continued his speech: alın My city Istanbul has an annual history of 8 bin 500. With the migrations received, 17 has a population of millions. If it had been the state in economic terms, it would be an economically big city in the world. The problems of all cities are similar. We can offer important solutions with the opportunities provided by technology. Accumulations in cities have made us compulsory for technological developments. So now we had to make fast trains, unmanned driveways. In a sense, technology would not be so developed if there were not so much clutter in cities. The development of cities is also causing them to become an attraction center. It triggers migration. Every year, 41 provides a population increase of 1,000,000 people. İstanbul

Mayor Topbaş emphasized that intense agglomeration in cities makes mobility a problem and one cannot be settled while solving city problems. Baş When I first took office as a technician, architect and urban planner, I designed the future of the city by establishing Istanbul Metropolitan Planning Center. We didn't just take Istanbul. We also considered the surrounding provinces. Because there is a tight interaction. Had to be considered together, the thresholds had to be created. These clusters in cities primarily make mobility a problem. Environmental problems, employment problems, housing problems, especially social corruption and financial issues. You can't take one of these problems and pass on the other. You have to walk simultaneously. Eş

Mayor Topbaş emphasized that being a city's economic center brings with him serious problems, problem It is necessary to divide the city into sub-centers. In other words, people should not need to come to the center of the city. City plans, transportation master plans should be made accordingly. If you are an immigrant city, you must arrange the settlement plans accordingly. Ini It is necessary to make the risky residential areas from the past with the urban transformation, to make them livable again and to re-construct them with the right concept. Geç

Local Administrators

Mayor Topbaş emphasized that the needs of the people living in the city should be presented to them by the local administrators and said iler Urbanity is actually a sociological evolution. The city is a civilized city if you live in a city not only in the city center but in the whole city. Everybody's happy. Besides, as local administrators, we have to anticipate the expectations of people at a time when technology is so developed and we need to offer them to our people without asking them. Bun

Stating that daily mobility in Istanbul is around 30 million and that this will increase even more, Mayor Topbaş said bun We entered very serious investments especially in transportation in Istanbul. 45 km. we have put the 1000 km on the target with the rail system and we are trying to finish this step by step by step, ray he said. Noting that Istanbul used 3 million cubic meters of water a day, Mayor Topbas said that the water used was brought from a distance of 180 km and they have established advanced biological treatment plants for waste water.

Mayor Topbas said that the people who came to the city were more successful and that it is important to benefit from these successful people.

De We have to establish the balances that will eliminate sociological depression and we have to do ecological restoration. As a city planner I look at; people living in the city have habits from the past, have a routine life. The outsiders have to come to life with their own culture and work hard. When you pay attention to cities, you will see that those who come later receive much more serious distances. You will witness the success of successful businessmen. Because they have to hold on to life and their thinking is more innovative and more innovative. If we can manage them, we can get serious recycling and contributions. İşte

35 Billion Dollar Investment

Mayor Topbaş emphasized that technological developments offer important opportunities to facilitate the lives of people living in the city. Başkan We have the obligation to establish smart cities with the opportunities provided by technological developments. Now people cannot look at the counters individually. There is a growing city and the demands are too much. Therefore, with the opportunities provided by technology you have the opportunity to solve everything. We are able to use the technology very well in Istanbul and we offer this service to our people to make their lives easier. Biz

2004 billion dollars in their investments in Istanbul since it took over the 35 to the day, and the investment they came to Istanbul and those who live in Istanbul said they saw this change.

Turkey Union of Municipalities to get immigration Istanbul (TBB) of the environment as Chairman of the provinces in the Topbaş speech emphasizing that they work for the development concluded: "Istanbul's also at the center of important transport routes. Bosphorus bridges, Eurasian Tunnel, vehicle tunnels opened. With Kanal Istanbul Project, we will make a significant progress in sea transportation. Two days ago, we are opening a second channel such as Channel Istanbul, the Istanbul Strait, with our Prime Minister. 1.6 will take billion cubic meters from there and will consist of islands. These islands will become touristic islands, golf courses. In other words, we have a greater economic mobility in the city and efforts to contribute to the world economy. In doing so, Municipalities of Turkey (TBB), we want the development of other cities, do not take in as president on immigration. "

After the speeches, President Topbaş and Prime Minister of Russia Dimitry Kozak, Minister of Economic Development of Russia Maxim Oreshkin, Deputy Minister of Housing and Housing Services of Russia Andrei Chibis, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin together with the fair area and received information from the authorities.

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