Edirne-Halkalı tickets will be sold within the train

Edirne-Halkalı tickets will be sold in the train: Recently again in Edirne-Halkalı State Railways, which began flights between the staff can not cut the ticket. Edirne Ayşekadın Train Station toll booths, the announcement, the absence of personnel tickets sold in the train said.


Meanwhile, Edirne-Halkalı between the trains that want to interrupt the trains, ı Especially for students, a unique opportunity. Bus prices took his head going, while we go by bus at the Esenler bus station on weekends we have to wait for hours. Halkalı Train the best option for those who go to and around. Now we're waiting for the fast train. When the journey time falls below the 2 clock, everyone will prefer to train. Yolculuk

Source : www.edirnehaber.org

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