Stages End in Konak Tram

Stages End in Konak Tramway: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality also completed 8 stages in Şair Eşref Boulevard in the works of Konak Tramway. Starting on Tuesday, July 11, the 9th and 10th stages starting between Montreux Square and Cankaya will be given.

The tempo increased with the summer months in the tram project carried out by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to improve environmental, economic and comfortable transportation. 8.8 kilometers Karşıyaka line continues to the Metropolitan, Konak line has accelerated the work to carry the construction work to the final stage.

It is planned to complete the works in the most challenging regions until the end of the summer when schools enter the summer holiday and urban traffic will be relatively reduced. Within the scope of Konak Tramway construction, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality completes the road laying works in the sections other than Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard döşeme Konak İskele, Ali Çetinkaya Bulvarı, Şair Eşref Boulevard, Alsancak Mosque and Montrö (8 stage) and Gazi Boulevard. and now the production of the last two stages of Şair Eşref Boulevard.

11 starts from July to Tuesday
When these two stages are finished, the laying works on the Şair Eşref Boulevard will be completed. 11 will begin on July Tuesday 9. and 10. The stages will take place between Montreux Square and Çankaya. Two-way, approximately 1 kilometers to find the rail laying work, primarily Cankaya i will start in the direction of Montreux. During the studies Çankaya karşı The direction of Montreux will be closed to traffic and the traffic flow will be given as double lanes in the opposite direction. When the work in this section is over, this time, the direction of Montreux-Çankaya will be closed to traffic. During the studies, access between Hürriyet Boulevard and Şair Eşref Boulevard will not be blocked. Studies in this region will be completed before the 2017 - 2018 school year begins.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues the laying of rail at the sea part between Konak Pier and Konak Pier, will also begin laying the floor in Ziya Gökalp Boulevard and Cumhuriyet Boulevard in the coming days.

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