Roads to be closed in Ankara on July 15

Roads to be closed on July 15 in Ankara: Some roads will be closed to traffic within the scope of the activities to be held for the July 15 coup attempt in Ankara.

Within the scope of the tir 15 July Democracy and National Willpower Day önünde commemoration events, a gathering will be held in front of Ulus YİBA Bazaar and in front of the Grand National Assembly. Therefore 15 July 2017 On Saturday, the following squares, streets and streets will be closed to traffic until 19.00 ends.

• Çankırı Street and all the streets opened,

• Kevgirli Street (from the intersection of Bentderesi Street to Hisarparhi Street),

• Hisarparkı Street (between Konya Street and Anafartalar Street),

• Anafartalar Street (from Ulus Square to Talatpaşa Boulevard and all the streets and streets opened),

• Kazım Karabekir Street (between Fatih Street and Anadolu Square and all the streets and streets opened),

• Istanbul Street (between Akköprü Junction and Baruthane Intersection and all the streets and streets opened),

•Istiklal Street,

• Talatpaşa Boulevard (from the intersection of Adnan Saygun Street to the Transport Interchange, and also all the streets and streets opened),

• Hippodrome Street (between the Transportation Junction and İvedik Junction and opened street streets),

• The entry variant of the entrance to Irfan Baştuğ Street from Etlik Street,

• Atatürk Boulevard (between Ulus Square and Kuğulu Park Interchange and all the streets and streets opened),

• Ulus Square, Sıhhıye Square, Kızılay Square, Akay Junction, General Staff Junction and all the streets and streets opened,

• Necatibey Street, Sezenler Street,

• Ziya Gökalp Street (between Kızılay Square and Kolej Square and all the opened streets and streets),

• GMK Boulevard (between Kızılay Square and Anadolu Square and all the streets and streets opened),

• Meşrutiyet Caddesi (all streets opened between Atatürk Boulevard and Mithatpaşa Street),

• Olgunlar Avenue (all the streets between Ataturk Boulevard and Kizilirmak Street),

• National Defense Street and all streets and streets opened,

• Dikmen Street (all streets and streets opened between the General Staff Junction and Selimiye Street),

• İsmet İnönü Boulevard (between Akay junction and Necatibey Street),

• Esat Street (including the subway passage between Akay Junction and Atatürk Boulevard),

• Tunisia Avenue (all the streets between Atatürk Avenue and John F. Kennedy Avenue),

• All the streets and streets opened by Alparslan Türkeş Street, Söğütözü Street, Beştepe Street and Presidential Boulevard.

In addition, 15 July 2017 will be closed on Saturday at 18.00 from Mevlana Boulevard (between Akköprü Junction and Gazi Junction).

Citizens were asked to opt for public transport, such as metro and city buses, at noon on Saturday, 15. It is reported that only ambulances, firefighters, funeral vehicles and police vehicles can enter the closed routes.



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