Special wagon application for women in Bursa Metro should be abolished

Security in the society can be realized not by segregation, but by providing security and sanctions by the relevant units. One wagon, which is given priority to women, which is not seen in any modern society, and the last wagon application is an application that restricts women's participation in business and social life instead of securing women. In addition, if the women getting on the other wagon are uncomfortable, they may even dare to say “if you were uncomfortable, you would have got on the last wagon. should serve them. All units of the municipality and the state are responsible for ensuring the safety of the inhabitants of the city without discrimination, under all conditions and conditions.

This practice hurt not only women but also Bursa men.

“We want a safe life in every car and every environment, not women's security for 1 car”

For women's signature campaign, the women's wagon should be removed from Bursa Metro. CLICK HERE

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