Online train ticket market is picking up appetite, a travel portal of France's national railway company, acquired the London-based train ticket booking platform, Loco2.

The acquisition of most of the shares of the rail distributor SilverRail by Expedia in the last May best illustrates the growing potential of the railway and the competitive environment it generates.

Over the years, train travels have been lagging behind the airline industry, hampering the lack of a centralized database and a lack of interest in coordinating the services of European carriers.

The growing competition in the West remain indifferent to Odamigo, travel agencies overseas in Turkey affords the opportunity to cut a train ticket, agents with the same weapons, leaving the competitive arena of developed countries, the Turkish agency helps to be equipped. travel agencies in Turkey, thanks to Odamigo which brings together a single platform with the national railway carrier and train ticket suppliers of other countries, agencies can not turn back now for customers who want to use both rail as well is going to have an additional revenue stream.

Train travels are more preferred day-to-day in both touristic and business trips. When sending reservations to Odamigo, travel agencies offer their guests a serious advantage by eliminating the need for credit card submission. Odamigo has the opportunity to make its own packages to the agencies that plan touristic trips. Benelux - Paris, Great Italy, Trans-Siberian and similar tours by allowing them to organize their own almost free, allows you to be mini-operators. Thus, agencies continue to increase their revenues while producing solutions according to their customers' needs and needs.

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