The station names of the tram will be released OMU

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Mustafa Yurt, Ondokuz May University light rail system and the names of the number of stations will be clear, he said.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Mustafa Yurt, the Provincial Coordination Board gave information about the work of the institution.

Having provided information about the tram going to OMU, Yurt said, ek Following the completion of the Tekkeköy line in the light rail system project, the necessary works for the tram to be opened to the university have started. In this context, 3. A protocol has been signed between Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and OMU regarding the light rail system project between Kurupelit Son Durak and University Life Center. The tender for the light rail project was made on 02 May 2017, and construction site installation works and viaducts are still in progress. In addition to the existing trains, it is planned to purchase 11 trains and the light rail system will be served by the 40 train with the arrival of new trains. The project is planned to be completed within 6,4 months.

X The project will include 6,4 mileage double track rail, 10 stop, 420 meter viaduct. Stopping places and names have also become clear. Accordingly, the names of the stall places are as follows; Housing, Polyclinics, Vocational School, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Agriculture, TECHNOPARK, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Student Dormitories stops M.

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