Konyada modern bus stops in the districts

In Konya, modern bus stops are made to the districts: Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which provides services to 31 districts with the New Metropolitan Law, modernizes the bus stops in the district centers and suburbs and makes new bus stops to the points that are needed.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality has started to renew the bus stops in the district centers and in the new connected neighborhoods with the New Metropolitan Law.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which provides service to 31 district with new metropolitan law, aims to provide reliable and comfortable transportation with its central stop in prestigious streets and new connected neighborhoods in Konya.

Within the scope of the works, while new stops are being made to the neighborhoods without bus stops, old and idle stops are removed and new single modern glass stops are installed.

The number of stops established according to the size and need of the neighborhood is placed according to the bus routes by taking into consideration the demands of the residents. Completed works in the district of Akören, Kulu District will continue to work in all districts in a short time.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department provides 202 or 240 bus transportation services in the districts.

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