The localization requirement contributed to the rail sector

Turkey railways of rail infrastructure equipment for the development of technology and supporting rail vehicles to be produced by local manufacturers, small number of but further strengthening of advanced rail industry and planned to urgently creation of an effective education system.

Taha Aydın, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rail Transport Systems and Industrialists' Association (RAYDER), said that they undertake the mission of assisting the development of rail transport systems for sustainable public transportation. Için Supporting the policies related to the dissemination of rail transportation, to support the establishment of relevant standards, to support the development of competitive domestic industry through further R & D, innovation, creativity, strengthening of education and quality structures, and to inform its members regularly about market, technical developments, education and related policies. ilişkin

In terms of the development of the domestic industry operating in the railway sector, RAYDER stated that it has established strategies and policies in line with these goals. Aydın emphasized that the infrastructure and vehicle manufacturing industry is working to develop in accordance with the current international conditions.

The mobilization took place recently in the rail system, it will be important developments and sectoral acceleration evaluated as an indicator turned upward Aydin, continued as follows: "Now its tram, produced the subway, national railway and even the entrance there was a Turkey to efforts to produce high-speed train. All these efforts also improve the industry and contribute to the national economy. Nowadays, it focuses more on the concepts of 'localization, domestic production, localization'. extra payment of foreign exchange out in this field, makes the development of the rail system in Turkey required.

With domestic production, imports, which negatively affect the current account deficit, will be minimized and added value will be provided to the real economy. At the same time, the development of technology will reduce costs by increasing the rate of localization. Through the R & D efforts in the future, progress in localization studies and increases in capacity utilization, approximately 75 localization and additional economic improvements will be seen. In this direction, 15 domestic product price advantage of the government enacted and the 51 localization requirement in the auctions contributed to the sector. This application is important for supporting the local manufacturer. We support and appreciate this application, which we believe will result in better results by completing the shortcomings. Ik

Source: Taha AYDIN ​​- RAYDER Chairman of the Board - I

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