There is a hike in transportation in Kocaeli!

Arrived in Kocaeli transportation hike! : Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) has decided to raise transportation from July meeting. In addition, tram fares have been determined

UKOME's meeting in July, the General Secretary Ilhan Bayram, Regional Traffic Branch Manager Mehmet Gölükçü, Bus and Minibus Chamber President Mustafa Kurt, SS 5 No. However, according to the tram fare far below the city bus transportation fees, the decision taken by the tradesman will appeal to the decision learned.


According to the decision of UKOME, the city bus fares increased from 2 lira 30 kuruş to 2 lira 50 kuruş. The discounted fee increased from 1 lira to 75 kuruş from 2 lira. The student remained at 1 lira and 50 kuruş. The single boarding went from 2 lira 80 kurus to 3 lira 50 kuruş. Zam came to transportation fees not only in the city center but in all districts. While the hike in Izmit was 10 percent, the hikes in the districts were between 6-7 percent. Source: Increase in transportation in Kocaeli!


At the UKOME meeting, tram fares were also clear. Metropolitan Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu previously announced that they want to make the tram fare in the first place 1 lira 50 penny. The decision was taken in line with this statement. Full fees for tram 1 lira 50 penny, student fees were determined as 1 lira.


The sea bus fare has also increased. The sea bus fee, which was 2 lira 75 kurus, increased to 3 lira. Although it is not yet clear when the hikes will come into effect, it is estimated that they will come into effect on 1 August. Source: Increase in transportation in Kocaeli!

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