First Step for Metro in Kocaeli!

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, before the metro promotion station is announced to be established in the Köseköy military barracks to conduct a ground survey work.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has rolled up its sleeves for the metro, which has been dreaming for long years. Firstly, the municipality will build a subway between Gebze-Sabiha Gökçen Airport and will establish a big line between Körfez-Kartepe. The main lift station of this metro line will be built in Kartepe. This promotion station will take place in General Memduh Tağmaç Barracks, which was recently decided to be civilized by the Ministry of Defense. In the 160 acre section of the barracks, Kocaeli Court House will be built and in the 50 acre area, the municipality will establish a main promotion station for the metro.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will also provide support for the Gulf-Kartepe metro, which will be built by the Ministry of Transport and Maritime. It is not yet known when the first excavation in the subway will be shot, but the municipality is preparing to do ground research in the barracks. Municipal barracks, 20 pieces seismic refraction, 20 pieces of microtremor, 20 pieces of electrical resistivity (DES), 20 pieces of surface wave method VS 30 measurement and 600 meter will be auctioned for mechanical drilling. 1 will be held on July Tuesday for the works to be carried out based on 1000 / 11 application development plans. Soil survey work will last for 4 months.

Source: Uğur ENÇ - I


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