Three neighborhoods in Karaman connect to the city center from five different locations

Three neighborhoods in Karaman connect to the city center from five different locations: Karaman Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan examined the ongoing works at the Larende Underpass, Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard and Doğukışla Bridge and received information from the authorities.

Karaman Municipality and TCDD in cooperation with the construction of the work underway in the lower passage of the Larende continues. Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan who examined the works in the area where there is an indoor sports hall; Larende, Sumer and Yenisehir Neighborhoods will connect the city center project will be completed in September, said the project. Stating that since the past, Larende and Yenişehir neighborhoods are connected to the city by only one road, the Mayor Çalışkan stated that the projects will be transported from five different crossing points. Mayor Caliskan, said in a statement:

Olduğ The work on the Larende underpass continues in the section where the Indoor Sports Hall is. We have closed the traffic to the traffic and we give the crossing in front of the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports and behind the Wheat Market. There will be four more bridges in the area remaining on the Larende and Yenişehir axis. 82. We have a passage way behind the Hospital of the Year, where Bifa is, beyond the Bifa and in the Piri Reis neighborhood, covered with stones, and there will be a bridge. We will be opening the crossing of the Larende, two departures and two arrivals. In this way, we will connect the Larende, Sumer and Yenişehir neighborhoods from five different crossing points to the city center. We will not open the gateway to the pedestrians and bikes and allow the passage of the vehicle. Tools; Rainbow In The Pool, Wheat Market, Xnumx. They will use the transitions in the Piri Reis Quarter, where Bifa is located. ”

Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan then studied the recent asphalt pavement works carried out by the Science Works teams at Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard and the landscape arrangements made by the Directorate of Parks and Gardens at Doğukışla Bridge.

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