New Town Square in Izmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality transforms the 71 square meter area gained by taking the traffic in front of Mithatpaşa Park underground into Democracy Martyrs Square. Trams will also pass through the square, where there will be game, show and recreation areas, bicycle paths and automatic toilets. In the second stage, there will be a ferry port and boat docking area on the shore. Bids for the construction tender of the project will be received on Friday, August 500 at 11 pm.

In order to relieve the traffic of Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard and bring a new breath to the region, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its work on the subway works in front of the Mithatpaşa Park, will evaluate the offers coming from the companies by going to 11 for the challenge to be made in 10.00 on Friday.

“July 15th Democracy Martyrs Square” will attract attention with its different design and landscape, where the citizens can reach the sea without interruption, and there are recreation and children's playgrounds on the underpass. The area with dense construction and traffic will be transformed into an area where the inhabitants of Izmir will integrate with the sea and breathe in the city with the arrangement made within the scope of the IzmirDeniz project. The new city square, which will be built on an area of ​​71 thousand 500 square meters above the underpass, will bring Izmir residents together with a 1200 square meter coastline. In addition, thanks to the new arrangement, the historical texture on the land side of Mithatpaşa Park will become more visible and perceived. There will also be a monumental sculpture work by the artist Günnur Özsoy in the square. The monument will tell the unity and solidarity of the people of Izmir and their belief in democracy.

Boats also considered
Mithatpaşa Industrial Vocational High School and Hamidiye Mosque in front of the uninterrupted sea to reach the new challenge project in the children's playground, the stage can be used as a stage, water playground, recreation areas, cycling and pedestrian paths, specially designed urban equipment, automatic toilets and event areas will be located . The tram will also cross the square. In the second stage planned to be completed after the completion of the zoning plan process, the ferry port and boat berthing place at the shore will be constructed in order to strengthen the sea transportation.



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