Icons of Izmir victim of the tram

The symbols of Izmir tram victim: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality dismantled the city's monuments in the Lausanne and Montreux squares on the transit route due to the works of the Konak Tram line.

Due to the works of Konak Tramway line, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality turned the city into a war zone. The monument and ornamental pools in the Lausanne and Montreux Square on the line, which are considered the symbol of Izmir, were destroyed. The Free Woman Statue, located in Montreux Square and symbolizing the city's respect for women's rights, also got its share.


The municipality not only destroyed the Statue of Free Women. Again, within the scope of Konak Tramway line works, the world monument and ornamental pool, which symbolizes the opening of the Izmir International Fair, also fell victim to the tram works.
Metropolitan Municipality announced that the monuments will be rebuilt, but could not believe the people of Izmir. Citizens reacted to the collapse of the symbols of the city in İzmir, which returned to the mole house due to the tram work. Izmir residents said, “Metropolitan Municipality should not destroy the symbols of the city because of these works. These monuments should be put in place as soon as possible. ”

Source: EMİRHAN ERGEN - www.yeniasir.com.t is



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