High Speed ​​Train Stations

High Speed ​​Train Stations

Bilecik YHT Terminal

Bilecik High Speed ​​Train Station Building, consisting of 3 blocks including A, B and C Blocks, was opened on 01 June 2015.

A Block has passenger service and VIP, B Block has a passenger waiting room where ticket control is performed. Passengers waiting room is the longest truss system made of steel 73 meters in length with a single opening in Turkey.

Block C consists of elevators and escalators.

Bilecik YHT Gar has the capacity to serve up to 44.000 thousand passengers per day; There are 2 units with 2 units and 1 units and 5 units. There are two platforms with 408 m length.

The 5.342 m2 enclosed space and the 30.000 m2 are open and open space.

The ramps, elevators and sensible materials covered surface arrangements are arranged in the building and gar area organized according to the accessibility of physically handicapped passengers.

Bozüyük YHT Station

Bozüyük YHT Gar, with the opening of Eskişehir-Istanbul railway line, was launched on 24 July 2014.

5.000 m2 The Bozüyük YHT Gar building, which is a closed area, consists of two buildings with four floors each and a bridge connecting these buildings on the railway.

Gar is planned to serve daily 5.000 passengers and has 2 pieces and 5 railway lines.


Turkey's first High Speed ​​Train Station Polatli YHT Station, which was opened on 16 February 2010. The Station Building with an open car park of 5.500 m2 and a capacity of 100 vehicles; It was built in a modern architectural style with 3 escalators, 3 elevators and a special heating-cooling system, where passenger comfort is prioritized.

The facades of the Polatlı YHT Station Building, where granite is used on the floors and suspended ceilings are used on the ceilings, are covered with granite and reflective glass, and thermal insulation is made with sheathing technique.

In Polatlı YHT Station, which has a construction area of ​​1.200 m2 and 2 passenger platforms, the necessary arrangements were made for the 3rd platform, considering the increase in the number of passengers in the future. There are 1 elevator and 1 escalator for each platform.

At Polatlı YHT Station, where an average of 750 to 1.000 passengers travel per day; There are 1 waiting room, 4 box offices, 1 cafeteria, 2 shops, masjid and 25 offices belonging to administrative and technical departments, as well as private toilets and elevators for elderly and disabled passengers.


TCDD's First Build-Operate-Transfer Project

Capital has a wealth of architectural design projects that will add richness Ankara High Speed ​​Rail Station, State Railways of the Republic of Turkey for the first time Make-Operate-Transfer model was built with.

The new station building was built without touching the existing Ankara Station, which has an important place in our history, folk songs, poems and memories. The work, designed to represent speed and dynamism in accordance with the new vision of TCDD, reflects today's architectural understanding.

Architecture and social facilities and Ankara with Turkey's prestige will take its place among the capital's monuments YHT Station, BAŞKENTRAY was built to be connections to Ankaray and Keçiören subway.

The 12 m3 6 m194.460 2 units and 8 pieces of railway tracks are located at the same time.

In addition to the units for transportation services, the closed and open 1.910 car park services will be provided in Ankara YHT Gar; commercial areas, cafe-restaurants, business offices and multi-purpose halls, masjid, first aid and security units and hotels such as social and cultural equipment.

While all our passengers have comfortable travel facilities, the city's social and cultural life meets at YHT Gar in Ankara.

Planned to meet all the needs of people with disabilities using the latest technology, YHT Gar is becoming the capital's center of attraction.

2 19 year 7 will be operated by the Ankara Train Station Administration (ATG) for a period of XNUMX months. The train station of the new station will be run by TCDD.

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