22 Million TL Project From DTSO

Another 22 Million TL Project from DTSO: Diyarbakır Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Ahmet Sayar said that there are 3 projects for which applications have been made and are under examination and the total value of these projects is 22 million TL.

Diyarbakır Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Ahmet Sayar stated that they aim to be the project manager of the project since the day they took office and stated that they carried out all the work plans as DTSO.

DTSO President Ahmet Sayar, the projects to be implemented for Diyarbakir business life and DTSO, completed projects, as well as ongoing and preliminary work on the completion of the ongoing studies for the financial resources of the ongoing projects, the application is under review and the total value of the project 3 million TL million TL said that.

"Diyarbakır Entrepreneurship and Sector Development Center"

Within the scope of the protocol signed by DTSO with TCDD, the deed of a 3.000 square meter area in Yenişehir District, İstasyon Quarter were taken and project studies were carried out for the "Diyarbakır Entrepreneurship and Sector Development Center". In the Diyarbakır Chamber of Commerce and Industry New Service Building to be built in this area, it is aimed to create a real “service receiving point” for our members by providing them to be included in institutions such as KOSGEB, KGF and TSE.

In addition, entrepreneurship and sector development centers will be established and entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas will receive training, consultancy, mentoring and technical support. In these centers, it will be ensured that works will be carried out to help the collective development of the sectors by coming together and by providing solutions to their technical, administrative and financial problems.

The project prepared for the construction of the "Diyarbakır Entrepreneurship and Sector Development Center" and the establishment of the entrepreneurship center was presented to the project support under the direction of the Karacadağ Development Agency. Our project, which received pre-approval, is in the evaluation phase and its total budget is 9 million TL.

"EU IPA Competitive Sectors Program Diyarbakır Sector Development Center"

In the center, which will be established in the new service building of Diyarbakır DTSO, it is foreseen that sectoral cooperations and competitiveness will be improved through studies such as supporting, educating, technical support, giving consultancy services in different areas such as design, modeling, productivity, exportation and cooperation.

The project prepared by DTSO within the scope of IPA Competitive Sectors Program, which includes the 3-year studies of the Sector Development Center and the joint workshop establishment, was presented to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Within the scope of the project with a total value of 2.693.340,45 Euros, it is aimed to establish a joint workshop to support enterprises in information services within the center, to conduct sector value chain analyzes, to support exporting enterprises and to develop sectoral collaborations.

"Fairground Physical Improvement and Capacity Building Project"

In the period of 2015-2016 in the period of 3.000.000,00-500.000,00 within the scope of the program, the project was completed with the contribution of XNUMX TL ministry and the contribution of XNUMX TL in the exhibition area. studies have been completed.

Ministry of Development Attraction Centers Support Program With the project we have prepared and applied for for 2017-2018, it is anticipated that the deficiencies of the fair area such as heating, cooling, lighting, promotion in the city, siding, surrounding wall will be completed. 3.500.000,00 TL of the project, which has a total budget of 3.000.000,00 TL, was requested from the Ministry of Development through the Karacadağ Development Agency, and it was envisaged that the remaining amount would be covered by our chamber.

In April 2017, "Agriculture and Livestock Fair" was held in our city. It is planned to organize the "We Are Getting Married Fair" in our city on October 12-15. Efforts are made to organize 2018 fairs in 5, and efforts are made to improve the capacity of the fair area for these organizations and to eliminate existing problems.



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