Dr. Jasmine Manavbaş ERC Turkey Representative Had

Dr. Jasmine Manavbaş ERC Turkey Representative Had: Dr. Jasmine was Manavbaş ERC Representative in Turkey. ERC GmbH Austria company five years ago to operate in Turkey as well, convincing the organization that performs the ERC Turkey Dr. Manavbaş of Jasmine, was appointed as Representative of Turkey responsible for business development.

Dr. Jasmine Manavbaş, established in Graz, Austria, in 2012 After finishing his PhD at the Austrian Academy of Sciences knowhow company ERC GmbH has started working on Turkey. rehabilitation work in the framework of EU legislation on public transport services for the rapidly ongoing in our country that produces Austrian railways / ERC GmbH ERC Turkey's competent consulting and auditing firm; TSI and ECM documents to enterprises.

passenger and freight transport from road transport legislation and practice until railroads were developed following the privatization of railways in Turkey. In line with EU legislation; the companies that produce, operate and maintain the wagons have to take TSI and ECM certificates.

Turkey and the ERC Board Member Sözcüsu Yasemin Manavbaşı She graduated from METU Department of Biology. He completed his masters in Gazi University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacology, and worked as an academic for a while. Dr. Manavbaşı has an MBA in Istanbul to be in different sectors due to its entrepreneurial character. He completed his Ph.D. at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Graz, Austria.

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