Dogs Can Travel With Istanbul City Line Steamers

In Istanbul City Line ferries, birds, cats and rabbits will be able to travel in the passenger lounge and dogs will be able to travel outside the passenger lounge by attaching a mouthpiece. Moving conditions of domestic animals were determined again by Istanbulites.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, one of the companies of Istanbul City Lines Inc. operating in the management of domestic animals in the ferries, the Istanbulliler also determined by the survey. 446, who asked to use Vapur, asked 80.7 to answer the question of ”Yes, lar while 19.3 answered hat Yes UM and XNUMX answered den No V.

Small Pets and Guide Dogs to be Halls

Pets, such as dogs, will be accepted on the ships outside the passenger lounges with the condition of attaching a mouthpiece and in the safe places indicated by the ship's officers.

Small pets (cats, cats, rabbits, etc.) carried in cages and guided dogs traveling with passengers (medical supporters / guide dogs who accompany the visually impaired / hearing-impaired / emotional supporters) will be admitted into the lounges. Depending on the type of ship and the suitability of the areas, the transport can be limited.

In order for the dogs to be provided for emotional support, and for the support of the psychological support and psychiatric service to the passenger lounges, a valid health report issued on the passenger's behalf will have to be accompanied by the passenger. The guide dogs are clean, with a special collar attached at the bottom of the owner's feet, the pet is healthy, harmless, clean and odorless is also a necessary condition. Restless, aggressive, sickly and so on. may not be accepted by the suspected cavalry.

Responsibility Completely at the Pet Owner

On the other hand, City Lines will not accept any responsibility if the transported animal has worsened, died, lost or was injured during or after the travel. The necessary measures will take the pet owner.

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