Balıkesir's Urban Transport Fleet is Growing

As part of the renewal and transformation activities of the Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality in the year 2015, 21 airconditioned, disabled-compatible, security camera and validator XNUMX new public transportation vehicles were put into service. Mayor Ahmet Edip Uğur, AK Party Provincial Chairman Hasan Demiraslan, district mayors, municipal councilors, heads of departments, citizens and municipal staff attended the commissioning ceremony organized at the Metropolitan Municipality Fen Depo.


Mayor Ahmet Edip Ugur speaking at the service ceremony, the 5 million 600 thousand passengers a year in the city has benefited from the transportation, he said. After being Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, President Uğur stated that they started to provide services in 20 district by renewing the vehicles in public transportation and said ada Balkart which we put into service is now in 850 vehicle. Balkart citizens are also able to travel in Savaştepe, in Bandırma and in Gönen. Today it is put into service in our new vehicles. We now have 261 vehicle as the property of the municipality. The 850 vehicle is all included in the system. All of these vehicles are air-conditioned, vandalized, with camera, disabled vehicles. We are now supplying our 21 tool to the Temsa brand. The 4 of these vehicles will be served in Edremit, 4 in Havran, 2 in Gönen, Susurluk, Sındırgı, headquarters and 3 in Ayvalık. Our vehicle will run between the districts with the capacity of 54 passengers. In all European countries, municipalities prefer the vehicle. It is also widely used in France Fransa.


Saying that 850 vehicles affiliated with BTT carry nearly 6 million passengers a year, President Uğur continued as follows: “We carry 5 million passengers per month. We want our citizens over the age of 65 to have a balkart. How many people used our vehicles? From time to time, our citizen says that I will ride for free over the age of 65, on my identity card. Ok, you are right; I need to see it in the system too. How many disabled people got on, how many students got on, how many over 65 years old got on. Take this card, it's everywhere in Balikesir. Our vehicles serve 7 million citizens over 65 years of age. Our Transportation Department does not only do public transportation on land, we also provide transportation at sea. From Erdek to Saraylar, from Saraylar to Tekirdağ, we work on the ship. The truck is the passenger, the taxi is carrying them all. The municipality's money in transportation kazanIP does not aim to make a profit. We serve as controllers and regulators. We put a vehicle in Dursunbey from here. Why? The buses here are not air-conditioned and have no valleyrs. Vehicles are old. What is going on, the companies there renew their vehicles. The important thing is to serve the citizens and raise the standard of living. We want to be the controller and regulator both by land and sea. Let's not allow monopolization and we want reasonable prices. If we don't put a car, the prices go up and nobody respects the hours. ”


Giving the good news in his speech, Ugur Ugur, announced that they will start a taxi application between Altınoluk and Ayvalık. Uğur, e Next week we will put into service our sea taxi with the capacity of 35 passengers between Altınoluk and Ayvalık. The new Cunda Bridge will pass through the sea taxis will pass through the Altinoluk-Ayvalik at least 40 minutes will be shorter. This will be the motor yachts of the 6.5 meter high, Bu he said.

After the speeches of President Uğur, a ribbon cutting ceremony was organized for the 21 pieces Temsa bus, which will be put into service. After the ceremony, the President Uğur and the guests entered the city with a new tour of the bus.

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