Assignment Departments Are Changed

Appointment Departments in Teaching Branches Changed: Ministry of National Education Ministry of National Education Journal of July was published. Assignment departments have changed in some teaching branches. New sections to be assigned for application to teaching branches are included in our news.

Ministry of National Education 2017 year July Journal of Papers is published. The most striking part in the Journal of Communication was the Principles of Teaching Areas, Appointment and Course Reading Principles. With the changes made within this scope, the departments that will be assigned to the teaching branches were changed.

Graduation requirements were changed for teaching appointments to be made in the fields of Teaching, Assignment and Teaching, and biology, journalism, graphics, construction technology / building decoration, mathematics, music, rail systems construction, transportation services and mining technology.

Biology and molecular biology department was added among the graduation requirements required to become a biology teacher. The most striking change was made in the field of mathematics. Accordingly, graduates of mathematics engineering department will now be able to teach mathematics. However, these graduates; mathematics teaching, mathematics - computer and mathematics graduates will be appointed if the need cannot be met.

According to the change in the Ministry of National Education, a change was made in the source sections of the music branch. Accordingly, the Traditional Turkish Music section will now be among the sections to be appointed. In addition, mining engineering graduates can be appointed to the new branch opened under the name of mining technology. CLICK for the Ministry of National Education July 2017 Journal.

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