Route Changes for Sunday Days in Ordu Street Passage Lines

In accordance with the decision of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME); Since Ordu Street was closed to vehicle traffic on Sundays as of July 30, 2017, the route change was made in Beyazıt last stop lines.

32A, 35A, 36, 90B, 91E, 94A, 97B, 97G and 93C numbered lines to Yenikapı Marmaray; Lines 36ES, 38Z, 38, 46H, 82B, 92B, 92K and 97 will make ring trips to Aksaray.

The lines that will make ring trips to Yenikapı Marmaray on Sundays:
32A Cevatpaşa - Beyazıt
35A Kocamustafapaşa - Beyazıt
36 Karadeniz Mahallesi - Beyazıt
90B Draman - Beyazit
91E Göztepe Mahallesi - Beyazıt
94A Bakırköy - Beyazıt
97B Çavuşpaşa - Beyazıt
97G Yenimahalle Metro - Atesugla - Beyazit
93C Zeytinburnu - Beyazıt

Lines to ring to Aksaray on Sundays:
36ES Esentepe Mahallesi - Beyazıt
38Z Zübeyde Hanım Mahallesi - Beyazıt
38 Yunus Emre District - Beyazıt
46H Hürriyet Mahallesi - Beyazıt
82B Yenibosna Metro - Beyazit
92B Yenimahalle Metro - Beyazıt
92K Yenimahalle Metro - Kirazlı - Beyazıt
97 Sunny - Beyazit

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