YHT Statement by Arapoğlu

YHT Statement from Arapoğlu: Sakarya Provincial Representative of the Chamber of City Planners, Oya Arapoğlu, made statements about the inspection of the YHT route, which was attended by Deputy Mustafa İsen, Provincial President Fevki Kılıç and Mayor Aydın Yılmazer.

Arapoğlu gave the following words in his statement: “The route change was made without giving necessary informative information to the people of Sapanca and the relevant institutions about the High Speed ​​Train Project route, and the damage to be caused by the municipality authorities as the implementation project with the 'land level' information on which the High Speed ​​Train will pass is still not coming to the municipality. it seems not to be fully perceived.

In the case of implementation, not only the owners of the property on the route, but also many land and building owners in the vicinity will be affected directly and indirectly.

The study in question, according to the route determined by the project; Starting from the Gendarmerie underpass area in the middle of Sapanca and continuing to the vicinity of Kuruçeşme, approximately 3 km long and 40-50 m. width of a closed set with protective elements on both sides. The main roads such as Kuvai Milliye Street, İstasyon Street, Harmanlık Street, Sakarya Street, Fevzi Çakmak Street and Keçi Creek Street, Limon Street, Şayan Street, Filiz street, Orkide street, Ada Street, Aydınlar Slope, High Speed ​​Railroad It will close with the pass. Many buildings and residences, including the Sapanca Municipality Marketplace, will also be demolished.

Therefore, the vehicles and pedestrian access where the reciprocal links will be closed will be provided with 5m long concrete stack overpasses at the 400 point.

In Adapazarı City Center today, passing of the railroad on the ground is seen as a big problem and solutions are sought, and the same situation will occur in Sapanca in the future.

“The establishment of a Logistics Center in Sapanca” can be considered as a complete error and lack of knowledge. TCDD General Directorate expropriated hundreds of decares of land around Kocaeli Kartepe District Köseköy Station in order to establish a Logistics Center, and a part of the logistics center has been put into operation.

In addition, another misleading is the thesis that 'Without this route, there will be no high speed train station in Sapanca'. In order to build a high speed train station, the station location was determined with the first determined route and approximately 40 decares of land near Kırkpınar was expropriated. The expropriation process has been completed and a high-speed train station can be built at any time. The newly determined Sapanca High Speed ​​Train Station is about 2 km from the aforementioned route change. located away.

Although there is no clear justification for the change of route, Sapanca Municipality, which guides the new route to be shifted to the stream bed by saying 'there is landslide, landslide' in the places where the first route passes, has opened the landslide or dangerous area with the new regulation. Did he make a green space by saying? ' An explanation is expected on this matter.

With its underground and aboveground natural beauties, Sapanca, which stands out in the tourism sector, will see the urban (infrastructure-superstructure, transportation) problems that our Sapanca will face in the future and will experience urban (infrastructure-superstructure, transportation) problems today, and to warn the authorities is my job and the responsibility of my duty. .
I think that the High Speed ​​Train Project in Sapanca has been changed as a survey project without sufficient objective, scientific and technical researches, and that the cost-benefit analysis related to the project will be re-evaluated in terms of proper and correct use of public resources.

For this purpose, I announce to the public that I have shared reports and findings containing reservations with Mr. Fevzi Kılıç, the provincial head of the ruling party, and Mr. Mustafa İsen, who is residing in Sapanca, and I thank them on behalf of me and the people of Sapanca for their interest. I express my belief that with the support of the public and common sense, the most appropriate solution that suits the nature and beauty of Sapanca will be reached.

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