Free transportation in Ankara on July 15

Transportation in Ankara on July 15 is free of charge: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO Buses and Metro and Ankaray; On the first anniversary of the treacherous coup attempt on July 15, it will provide a special, free 24-hour service for the people of the Capital to participate in the commemoration events.

15 July, noon 12.00, 16 July to 12.00 until EGO buses, metro and Ankaray, 24 for hours and will carry passengers for free.

As with the bouts of democracy that took place after the day of the traitorous attempt, all public transportation vehicles will provide free transportation on the first anniversary.

Against the treacherous coup attempt of the Metropolitan Municipality kazanIt was also unanimously decided by the members of the Metropolitan Municipality Council for the free and 24-hour service to be implemented on the anniversary of the victory of democracy.

In the Municipal Council, it was unanimously decided that the buses requested by non-governmental organizations should be provided to these organizations free of charge.

To distribute free tea, water and food supplies to citizens who will attend the ceremonies in relation to the 15 July commemorative events in the Assembly; Preparing various visual materials regarding the 15 July coup attempt and announcing them on the media and billboards; Decisions were also made to have printed promotional products made to be distributed to citizens participating in the events and to provide the technical equipment needed for these events by the relevant units.

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