What's going on on the railways?

The date of privatization is also a recipe:

I hear you say, "What does that mean?"

Remember the Zonguldak Coal Mine, which has not driven a nail for almost 40 years. Then Eti mines, Sümerbank's beautiful factories and many more ... They were routed, closed ...

Remember also TELEKOM. Money flowed like gutters before being sold, renewal of telephone lines, fiber cables, renovated buildings, even the zeroing of interior furnishings… All this money, so much investment was for foreign buyers to make more profit.

This is what happens with railways… Renewal of rails and bridges. By activating the high-speed train, with many extensions. While the old one is left to rot, five-star station posts… I said “Alas” when I saw those investments, they “sell”. Maybe to turn a corner to another immoral swearing at the nation.

Minister of Transport Binali Yildirim, out of the mouth by the mouth, 2012'de said: "9 years of investments, railroads ready to be released."

Imperialist prepared in 2012 with the EU "Turkish Railway Sector Restructuring and Strengthening Project" should, in the same year, "Turkey Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport" was removed. TCDD was to be broken down, with each part being sold separately.

TCDD Foundation has a monthly magazine. Its name is ill Raillife Ad. The number of July 2017. Today's Transport Minister Ahmet ARSLAN, "new era began in the railways," he says. What is this new era?

"1 May 2013 entered into force on 'Turkey No. 6461 Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport' starting with the liberalization process, TCDD; A very important step was taken with the restructuring of TCDD as the railway infrastructure operator and TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ as the railway train operator.

TCDD and TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ have actually completed their disagreements and by issuing the Network Statement for the year 2017, 1 has been introduced to the private sector as the railway train and infrastructure operator since January 2017. D

In other words, we have finished breaking the TCDD into, infrastructure lad, al train e and ”transportation” and now we can sell it.

Behold the people, the revolutionary ideas for years, "root out," he slandered and scribble! Let me show you how the root is out. Not with the document, but with the document.


Order 1-) Year 1996. The World Bank that issued the order.

World Bank executives hold a press conference at Türk-İş headquarters. Arrogance at the summit. What they say about our subject is as follows:

Geçin In energy-transport and communication, switch to build-operate-transfer / build-operate-have. Purchase manufacturing units and transport services of TCDD. Continue the maintenance of the railway network. X (Privatization for Who -S. 44-45 / Petrol-Business Publications)

This is what the Minister of Transport says "we got it done". Splitting the railway into three ... Even after the sale, maintenance belongs to the state.

In response to the order:

In the 2001, the DSP-MHP-ANAP Government gave the EU the AN National Program Hükümet a thousand pages. TCDD also exists inside. TCDD will be restructured, state monopoly status will be eliminated, foreigners will be able to operate in the field (3-5 in the year) will be created, vertical organization will be liquidated, ports and railways will be separated, the private sector will be opened in the transport of goods. That's the word. To who? To the imperialist EU.

Order 2-) Year 2004. The EU giving the instructions.

'' TCDD's reconstruction, especially from the financial point of leaving the ports and railways, the railways should focus on opening up the market to competition in the transport of goods. '' (EU Commission report on Turkey / October 6 2004)

Order 3-) Year 2016. The order, the EU.

"Turkey Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport, which ensure the independence of essential functions in creating the conditions for a transparent and competitive market is not compatible with the EU acquis. It prevents an effective expansion to the private sector. TCDD, which is responsible of railroads, still not decomposed as required by applicable law. "(EU Progress Report on Turkey Regular 2016)

Do you see the arrogance? ”Why didn't you shred the railways yet? In he reprimanded.

The letter of the Minister of Transport is di your order has been fulfilled Ulaştırma.

TCDD, which nationalises from strangers and spills blood and sweat for every mistress, is cast out for imperialist desires. That's what happened.

Mehmet Akkaya - Aydınlık Newspaper




    1. Pardaon, but this article is under criticism is a serious misleading. The current is not related to the railways and ports taken from the capitulations. At that time the harbor and roads were owned and owned by strangers. Now the property is still TCDD. Only the way to privatize the enterprise was opened. It is said that TCDD transportation will also be privatized, gain in areas and improve the quality of service to compete with both DY and land, dabiz and airline. otherwise it will sink. This post is on the highway made by the state Kamil Koç. It seems to be against the bus operation of AŞ.

    2. This newspaper has not the intelligence to understand the applications in the civilized countries. The railway has been restructured. It is privatized or sold if the country is in its own right. Do not let it create chaos.