We are the second country to raise ships after China

We are the second country to train the most seafarers after China: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan said, “We have 180 thousand seafarers in our country, and 35 thousand of our colleagues are active officers. We are the second country in the world to train the most men after China. ” said.

Arslan participated in the 2016-2017 Graduation Ceremony of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Maritime Faculty in Tuzla.

Graduating from here, 106 appealed to the students, their families and the sector stakeholders who attended the ceremony. Arslan conveyed the congratulations of the Prime Minister and the Deputy Chairman of the AK Party, Binali Yıldırım.

Minister Arslan, Turkey in recent years that have implemented important structural reforms in the maritime field, 3 said he was aware of the maritime side as a country surrounded by the sea.

Emphasizing that they tried to give the right to maritime with the reforms they made as the Ministry, Arslan emphasized that the country's management consists of people who understand the maritime.

“We facilitate the documents that the seaman should have”

Ahmet Arslan, Turkey's maritime area of ​​the country, recalling that a white flag, he said:

“We currently have 180 thousand seamen in our country, 35 thousand of our colleagues in the active officer class, we have over 60 accredited educational institutions. We are the second country in the world to train the most men after China.

With our contract, we have taken a very important step in the protection of international standards in protecting the rights of seafarers. We are updating the legislation. We simplify the documents the seaman should have, we simplify the system. Again, with the Seamen Center, we make all work and transactions electronically. ”

“There are 30 thousand active people working in the shipyards and 90 thousand with the sub-industry”

The number of vehicles transported by cabotage reached 12,7 million Arslan, Ro-Ro lines 9'dan 19'a out, the number of vehicles transported by Ro-Ro 220 thousand from the thousand thousand 451, he said.

Turkey's foreign trade by sea Arslan reminiscent of the AK Party government has achieved before income 57 billion dollars, he said today that figure rises to $ 199 billion.

Arslan gave the following information:

“The amount of cargo handled at the ports has increased almost 2,5 times, reaching 430 million tons. We have 170 international ports open from Hopa to İskenderun. The number of containers we handled has increased from 2,5 million to 8 million tons today, which is about 3,5 times. Our maritime fleet increased by over 100 percent to 29 million detreve tons. The Turkish-owned sea trade fleet ranks between 13th and 15th in the world ranking.

The number of shipyards increased from 37 to 79. There are 30 thousand active people working in the shipyards and 90 thousand with the sub-industry. In addition, we provide 500 thousand people with a livelihood. Currently, our country has an annual steel processing capacity of 700 thousand tons, and the possibility of loading ships at 4,5 million tons of tons per year. ”

Giving “Internship Ship” to the Faculty

Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, also gave information on the "Internship (Training) Ship" requested by the authorities for the faculty education in Yunus Gülen's ceremony speech.

Prime Minister Yildirim, and the promise of the ships he replied that they are ready to keep the promise of Arslan Arslan, said:

“We talked to my rector and dean, and to the colleagues on behalf of my colleagues. The main thing is the operating period. Because, whatever the cost of the boat and the ship during the construction period, we, as the Ministry, are ready to build the ship and give it to the faculty or an enterprise formed by our non-governmental organizations.

It doesn't matter what it costs. Build this model that falls on our chamber heads, captains, engineers, and our university and faculty. Let's work together and we will not fall into the state of the Ministry, which does not fulfill its promise. ”

Reminding that ITU Faculty of Maritime has served Turkish maritime for 133 years, Arslan stated that he shared the excitement of the graduates and said, “We believe that the support of the faculty for our country's development will continue to be crowned after today.” said.

Minister Arslan and Rector Karaca gave their graduation certificates to the students who had graduated from the department.

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