TCDD Transport 15 Carries Thousands of Citizens in July

TCDD Transport 15 Carries Thousands of Citizens in July: TCDD Tasimacilik AS has served thousands of citizens in Ankara commuter trains and Marmaray with the measures taken by the citizens of 15 to achieve a comfortable transportation opportunity due to the July Day of Democracy and National Unity.

15 July 2017 Citizens of Sincan and Ankara Train Station (ATG) operated on Saturday and our citizens were safe and fast.

The choice of transportation of citizens in Istanbul was Marmaray. Thousands of citizens 15-17 48 hours between July, day and night free services Marmaray "Democracy Watch and the National Union" ran to the square.

15 17 151 703 in July between the additional time 500 a total of approximately XNUMX thousands of citizens were provided free transportation between two continents.

General Director of TCDD Veysi Kurt, Sincan Mayor Mustafa Tuna, TCDD Transportation Deputy General Manager Mehmet Uras and other concerned people came to Xinjiang to observe the measures taken on the day of the 15 July Democracy and National Unity. General Manager Kurt imizi 15 Due to July, we took all our measures to serve our people in the best way in Marmaray and Ankara suburb. As can be seen, children, old and young people of all ages and occupations of every profession run with a flags of democracy on their hands. 15 We commemorate all our martyrs, especially in July. Their souls are good. We wish our condolences to their families. We are grateful to our veterans. May Allah bless them. We will try to bring this beautiful country to unity and solidarity among the ten countries of the world. We will always hold back their memories. Onların

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