SÉCHERON Turkey Service Center First Signs Maintenance Contract with the İZBAN!

des Representation Consulting Engineering Company Limited for many years now Turkey is doing its authorized representative SÉCHERON company with the latest signed by the railways, particularly in our country, as required by the authorized service center agreement and metro rail systems and control products of SÉCHERON being used in many industries, including tools, testing, to make the adjustment and measurement AmAlArInI started to serve.

Manufacturer SÉCHERON depending on the SA company products supply coming directly related and demand, Turkey's customers faster and provide economic services and sending devices abroad for maintenance and repairs, reduce costs and establish a technical service center in order to save time by SÉCHERON this year and DeSA Ltd. It is agreed with the Company.

In this respect, this authorization has been officially given to DeSA Representative Office Consultancy Engineering Ltd. as of 20 March 2017.

In order to prevent undesirable accidents, damage and damage, especially in rail system vehicles, the test, maintenance and adjustment of the MACS, BVAC and UR Type circuit breaker devices, which are still operated in a multi-rail system, are carried out periodically according to the current instructions and guidelines, and the need for stimulation was born.

In this regard Turkey as an Authorized Technical Service Center des Ltd. Sti. İzban A.Ş. Within the scope of the contract signed with CAF 22000 Train Sets for 36 BVAC (VCB - Vacuum Circuit Breaker) test services, İZBAN has completed its work in the maintenance center and presented the test result reports to the customer.

The control, adjustment and tests carried out by the qualified and trained personnel of DeSA Ltd. are composed of the following eight stages, using special test tools and tools from Secheron.

  1. Electrical leakage test 40kV
  2. Air tightness test
  3. Internal pressure difference control test
  4. Contact range test-time (plate-sensor)
  5. Main contact wear test (plate-gauge)
  6. On-off test
  7. Capacitor charge discharge test
  8. Physical and visual settings

It is aimed to prevent the possible negative effects of VCB tests and to maintain the transportation in a safe, uninterrupted and healthy way.


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