Pamukova 13 Year Over The Train Scope!

Despite the objection of scientists' professional organizations and our union, the “speed” story that started in 1975 with the transfer of the Sürat Railway Project into the investment program started in the 1995 Booz-Allen Hamilton Report between Ankara and Istanbul, despite the objection of our union. was put into practice by the ruling party with the name of “Accelerated Train” with a sudden decision.

22 On July 2004, Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu, who made the Haydarpaşa-Ankara expedition, was derailed at Pamukova near derelict and 39 was killed and 81 citizens were injured.

In the last case where the 12 annual trial process comes; Supreme Court 12. In his decision 3 February 2014 date 765 numbered; Pursuant to the 389 / 11 clause of the Penal Code, it is foreseen that the defendants should not be punished because of the statute of limitations and the legal status of the defendants should be evaluated in accordance with the 455 / 2 clause of the same law. stating that it is contrary to the decision on the statute of limitations of decay.

At the hearing held in Sakarya 12nd High Criminal Court on 2 after the decision of the Supreme Court's 24.11.2014th Criminal Chamber, the court fined one year 1 days and 15 liras for machinist Recep Sönmez for 152 years 3 month 1 He fined the day and one thousand 15 liras while he postponed Recep Sönmez's sentence.

Thus, the death of our citizen 37 unfortunately collapsed on two officers.

In the expert reports, in the yargı accelerated train ine disaster, despite the fact that those who ordered to train against science and inconvenient train are defective in the ratio of 4 / 8, they have not been brought to justice until today. TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman was dismissed after the accident and returned to his post.

Despite the mind, science and all our insistence, this trial will not be justified in public conscience without revealing the arak Expedited Train sorum disaster for the show and causing 37 people to lose their lives.

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  1. The BTS is a distorted train. In this case, the universities do not listen to the real experts. But the universities do not understand these issues.