ERC GmbH, Turkey gives great importance to the Railway Transport


ERC GmbH, Turkey Railway Transport of Great Importance Gives: ERC Turkey Representative dr.yase my Manavbaş Freight Wagon producing, operating and maintaining that he must take of the institutions TSI and ECM documents by the authorized inspection agency said that the ERC in Turkey achieved great success over the years 5
Railway vehicles operating in line with EU compatibility check of ERC GmbH, Turkey attaches great importance to the railway transport

Public transport service to our country faces in producing rapid railways ongoing rehabilitation work in the framework of EU legislation Austria / ERC GmbH ERC Turkey's authorized inspection agency, continues to successfully work according to their evolving needs.

ERC is the first certified enterprise engaged in operations in Turkey, the European Union considers compliance with the legislation of railway vehicles and is proof. Center ERC GmbH in Austria, has been operating in Turkey since 2012 years.

ERC many important projects in the field of competition in Turkey, one hundred percent of the domestic production of many cars in the European Union shows that the standard of the production process gave the TSA Certificate. ERC Turkey but also in the business of freight wagons in high quality, checking that maintenance and repair workshops also gives the ECM document. The producer also contributes to the development of domestic companies.

The workshops that carry out maintenance and repair of high-quality freight wagons must receive ECM certification stating that they operate in accordance with the European Union in accordance with the legislation. Repair shops have been certified to provide a high standard of service and receive ECM certification. ERC Turkey Business Development Board Member Dr. Yasemin is also very important in the maintenance and repair of high-quality freight wagons produced by Manavbaşı. The functioning of these workshops in accordance with the European Union legislation depends on an audit and certification process. Bu

Dr.Yasemin Manavbaşı, who is also the vice chairman of the IYM Group, emphasized that the certification bodies do not normally provide consultancy. Due to the fact that our audit process is very enlightening, companies do not need to receive high-cost consultancy services. We have very good examples. Companies, instead of consulting to get the audit to see their own errors and found their own solutions. Thus, they have placed their own solution and functioning without consulting consultancy services..

Entrepreneurial spirit is a dr.yase my Manavbaş after finishing his doctorate at the Austrian Academy of Sciences participate in the meetings of the commercial attache, he continued his quest to make a know-how transfer to Turkey. In this direction is the founder of his friend the doctor know ERC GmbH was founded in Graz, Austria to Turkey moved in 2012. thinking that it would need to ERC in the privatized railway sector in Turkey, he has convinced ErCi. ERC Turkey, making auditing firms in the EU and the ECM compatible TSI gives certificates. ERC, the authorized audit firm, has been serving very well in the sector for 5 years.

ERC Turkey, "Dr. İlker Manavbası Clinic Group, Group Yasemin Manavbaşı, PhD The MBA Development Institute, which includes İlk

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